24th January Dairyland conference meeting on area ministry at Evangelical Lutheran in Osseo from 6 to 8 pm.

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We are a community of believers called and inspired by Christ's love, sharing God's gifts though worship, teaching, service, and fellowship. We seek with joy God's vision of uniting all people in Christ through faith.

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Eleva Lutheran Church
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The most important meeting of the year is our Annual Meeting, which takes place the first Sunday of February, on the 3rd.  This meeting takes place following the worship service, during the Sunday School hour in the Fellowship Hall.  Please make plans to join us as we look ahead at our ministry together in 2019.  

​But there are also three important Synod meetings coming up that you can be part of.  On Thursday evening, January 24th, Evangelical Lutheran in Osseo is hosting a conference event looking at the possibilities for area ministry among churches in our conference.  The meeting will go from 6 to 8.  

Second, our synod is holding a helpful all-day conference in Rice Lake on Saturday, February 2nd called EPIC.  It's purpose is to share best practices for church council members and officers.  Finally, March 9th is the annual WALKING TOGETHER lay leadership event in Eau Claire.  This year Pastor Bob is presenting on postmodern preaching styles, and our coaching team has been asked to lead a workshop as well.  The events on February 2nd and March 9th are registered events.  If you are interested in being part of that, or if you have questions regarding any of these events, please contact Pastor Bob.

2nd February EPIC Synod event in Rice Lake for council members and church officers.

3rd February ANNUAL MEETING following worship service.

On January 15, 2015, I became the pastor at Eleva Lutheran.  I think you'll see as you navigate our website that there is quite a lot going on at Eleva Lutheran.  We have made some significant changes over the past few years in our worship offerings and our youth offerings.  My "Friends in Christ and Fellow Ministers" at ELC have been open to change, and willing to give new things a chance.  I never take this openness for granted.  It is a wonderful thing.  We now have variety in our worship styles and formats as you will see on our worship page.  We have regular opportunities for youth, including The Knights of Eleva Lutheran.  We are moving forward as God's people into the future into which God has for us to walk.  Walking into the future with our Lord and Savior,  Jesus Christ, we overcome fear with faith.
Eleva Lutheran is a welcoming church family where we care about each other and watch out for each other.  But we are an open family, always looking for ways to “make the circle bigger.”
Come visit and get to know us.
I can be reached either through my e-mail, or directly to my mobile phone, 920-382-6424.

Yours and His, but not in that order,
Pastor Bob

P.O. Box 147
Eleva, WI 54738

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