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Our Church

Our church as changed during the last one hundred years, both inside and out. Having been renovated five times since being built, our church has evolved with the times and technology.  Our worship has also evolved.  We have added a new worship service on Fourth Sundays to enhance variety with our new praise band, The Messengers.  Our Second Sunday worship continues to be anchored by our band, New Sounds.  But we also retain traditional worship on First and Third Sundays.
Our sound system amplifies God’s word for everyone to hear; while our projector lets the congregation follow along during musical services and allows for presentations and memories to be shared during weddings and funerals

Being a staple for the community of Eleva and the surrounding area, We believe by God's grace we have been made members of the Church, the Body of Christ. We believe we've been called to the work of His kingdom and are honored to be entrusted with this ministry.

We invite you to join us in this inspiring task!


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Fellowship Hall

Eleva Lutheran Church
50553 South 2nd Street
Eleva, WI 54738


Vice President

Heather Nicolet

Our Fellowship Hall, located beneath the sanctuary, has been an important part of Eleva Lutheran since the beginning of the parish. Used for multiple activities, the main purpose of our Fellowship Hall is for social gatherings after certain events such as funerals, and special services. On average the Fellowship Hall can acomandate around 130 people.

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