First of all, Welcome!

When we say welcome it is more than just a casual hello, nice to see you. A welcome at Eleva Lutheran is welcoming you into Jesus' embrace as we walk his path to fulfilling the mission of the Church: to be disciples who make disciples.

We invite you to walk His path with us.

Our Story Staff and Leadership
Sunday's at Eleva Lutheran

⛪️ Sunday worship begins at 9:00am. Services usually 60 minutes
✝️ Services are in person and online
📍 We are located at 50553 2nd Street S, Eleva, WI 54738 (Get Directions)
🙏 Each service includes communal singing, a sermon, communion, and prayer
✅ You are welcome to come as you are whether this is your first time or its been a long time

See you on Sunday. Come as you are. There is a place for you here!

Visiting a new church can be a lot. We get it.

We like to think of our faith community as ordinary people that gather as a together in faith. Inspired in us by the Holy Spirit, drawing us to the invisible love of God that was made visible by Jesus Christ. 

In that love and community, we welcome everyone to share in the ministry.

Your First Visit

"It's okay to laugh and have fun in church" ~ Pastor Karen Ressel

Every Sunday we come together, in-person and online, to hear the Word of God and learn how to apply it to our lives outside of Sunday morning. We offer a service with hymns, liturgical elements, intercessory prayers and Holy Communion every week. Special music is provided throughout each month. Our sanctuary is equipped with two displays to help guide you during worship.

Questions & Answers

Here are some answers to common questions.

Our worship service on Sunday morning is at 9:00am. If you are unable to make it in person you can join us online.

There is street parking around the church as well as a small parking lot behind church. There is accessibility parking by each of the three entrances of the build.

Come as you are as the Lord cares more about what is in your heart than what is on your body. Dress as if you were meeting up with friends for a casual outing. Coming to service dressed up is perfectly fine as well.

Everyone is welcome to the Lord's table! We will never turn anyone away. We offer Communion every Sunday. If you are unable to come to the front for Holy Communion, we will do our best to come to you at your seat. We also offer Home Communion Visitation.

Yes we do!

To help those that would like to to keep up with what is happening with our faith community, we have Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Feel free to like and subscribe!

Our church was established over 100 years ago so we do have some stairs and an elevator located at the back (west side) of our building. The rear entrance of our building also has the least amount of step to our upper level, while our side (south side) entrance has the least amount of steps to our lower level which, includes our Fellowship Hall.

We will gladly answer any question you have about Eleva Lutheran. Feel free to call or email our Office Administrator, Cheryl Olson, at 715287-4231 or